Fashion Retail has a Mobile Problem

Over 60% of shoppers use their mobiles to assist when shopping in brick & mortar fashion apparel shops. But only 1-4% download the fashion retailer’s mobile-app.


Retail mobile-apps are cumbersome, and often futile for shoppers. Mobile-apps have been developed on the wrong foot: replicating the mobile website experience in-app.

The right way recognises that shoppers are using their mobiles to assist shopping most when they are inside a shop. What are these shoppers doing? Why are they doing it? What problems and annoyances do they encounter that no solution solves? And what missed opportunities are there for shops to engage and sell?

We answers these questions with the SOSIE solution. We are next-generation shop assistants.

SOSIE Solution

The SOSIE Solution is design-led technology that seamlessly connects physical garments to shopper mobiles and opens up a range of conveniences and experiences for shoppers.

SOSIE can be integrated into existing retail mobile-apps or built from scratch.

SOSIE creates an Internet-of-Fashion Things and helps its clients convert brick & mortar into brick & mobile to seize the critical mobile engagement channel.


SOSIE retail clients benefit from:

1. Increased mobile-app downloads

2. Enhanced shopper experiences in shop

3. Advanced shopper listening

4. Increased sales by 6%-18% in-shop, after-shop & virtually

Media and Awards

2016 Innovate UK, Future of Retail

2017 Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards, Winner

2017 Santander Entrepreneurship Awards, LBS Nominee


In the early 20th century, shop assistants in Parisian fashion boutiques were called sosies – the French word for lookalike. They were hired based on their resemblance to clients and would trial for them the latest gowns in shop, creating personal rapport and social experiences to elicit the desire to purchase.

Our vision is to create a 21st century SOSIE for fashion retailers to serve personal and social fashion experiences to their millennial and next-generation shoppers.

Santander Competition VIDEO

2017 LBS Retail & Luxury E-Commerce Conference VIDEO


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